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Mist Face
Mist Face
Mist Face
Mist Face
Mist Face
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Mist Face

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'Mist Face' the new EP from Becoming Real.

Becoming Real's new EP 'Mist Face' sees him explore the Japanese demon folklore of the Yokai. Hallucinatory audio sigils conjure apparitions from deep archaic spaces in empty cities - ghost-scapes that float in the air. Becoming Real's music always alluded to other worlds that sleep in the reflections of steel buildings and glass walls, but with 'Mist Face' he goes a step further and invites us into these portals and drags Japanese demon mythology into them with us ... giving the listener both a cathartic and haunting experience.

"‘Shy Boi’ sees Becoming Real flex his talents as the master of ethereal & dramatic 140 freakouts. A welcomed return by one of grime’s most forward-thinkers" Insert Magazine.





1. Shader
2. 12 Masks
3. Halo
4. AI Gear Solid
5. Shy Boi
6. True Angel
7. Yokia

Artwork by Timo Noack.

All vinyl orders include an MP3320 download.

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