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‘Devastations’ is the ecstatic cry of colour found between light and dark. The album documents a transitional period in Hung’s life; a stepping out from the shadows. Hung explores the deepest recesses of his psyche and in doing so finds himself reconciling the light and dark within.

RELEASED → 18/06/2012


Underlying the propulsive beats and prisms of noise is amelodic tenderness that weaves throughout the album; an offering hand emerging from a turbulent sky. The deepening of inner space becomes an exploration of the universal; a new beginning from the devastations of old worlds.

Andrew Hung pushes himself to the fore with his most candid and introspective material to date and sees a clear statement of intent in his creative odyssey. Hung wrote, performed, produced and mixed the whole album himself, and also painted the self-portrait that adorns the cover of the album. The oil painting further illuminates the artist’s intentions in his work; it depicts the artist stepping out of a shadowy world, partially lit by the bright light of the sun.

All previously ordered copies of the LP and CD will be signed.

All physical pre-orders a free set of artwork postcards.

Also available as a discounted bundle with the Devastations T-Shirt → Devastations Bundle

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Andrew Hung Battle 0:00
Andrew Hung Battle 0:00
Andrew Hung Battle 0:00
Andrew Hung Battle 0:00
Andrew Hung Battle 0:00
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