MF DOOM has been working with Lex since 2003. This first output was the start of more than a decade of release on the label.  A verse on Prince Po’s Danger Mouse produced Social Distortion [link to The Slickness LP page] (2004) was the de facto DANGERDOOM debut. His bars on Jneiro Jarel’s Shape of Broad Minds Let’s Go [link to COTLA LP page] (2007) was the start of an artistic partnership eventually unfolded as JJ DOOM.

DOOM has released four albums with Lex: DANGERDOOM The Mouse & The Mask (2005) with Danger Mouse, BORN LIKE THIS. (2009), JJ DOOM Key To The Kuffs (2012) with Jneiro Jarel; and ‘NEHRUVIANDOOM’ with Bishop Nehru (2014).