Andrew Hung announces Deliverance

Posted May 16 2023

Andrew Hung announces his new album “Deliverance”, out 11th August and shares new track "Ocean Mouth" alongside a self-directed video.

Andrew ruminates on new track Ocean Mouth, “In Ocean Mouth, the lakes are frozen but I can see the twinkling dreams under the sheets of ice waiting to be rediscovered. The ice pushes down on these oppressed dreams but they continue to move and turn in the dark. A revelation comes forth that the parts of humanity that I’m trying to run away from are me. The final repeating lines are a realisation that these facets of humanity must be confronted; fear must be faced but it can be guided by the love that is also real.”

Stream → Ocean Mouth

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1. Ocean Mouth
2. Find Out
3. Too Much
4. Changes
5. Soldier
6. Never be the Same
7. Don’t Believe it Now
8. Love Is

Ocean Mouth 0:00
Ocean Mouth 0:00
Ocean Mouth 0:00
Ocean Mouth 0:00
Ocean Mouth 0:00

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Andrew Hung Deliverance