20 Years of Lex Records

Lex began in the corner of another label’s office, a generation ago.

Lex Records is 20 years old. To help us process all those memories we’ve commissioned remixes of key tracks from artists we love. Stream Belief- ‘I Want To Be’ (Haai Remix) now.

Boom Bip was the first artist to release an album on Lex, 20 long years ago. Since then he’s been at the core of the label’s roster, his career and our history intertwined. Stella Mozgawa and Boom Bip go way back too, their first collab on Lex was nearly a decade ago.

Belief has been a long time in the making. The duo went deep into their recollections for inspiration, revisiting sounds of dance music past and combining Stella’s impeccable beats and Boom Bip’s lush production. The original ‘I Want To Be’ is a standout track from the forthcoming EP.

On first listen, Haai flips the old school cool of Belief and makes it into a 4am super club banger. But it’s a lot more than that - it’s also made for late night home listening.

This Haai remix is keeping good company. Take a few minutes if you will to listen to King Krule remix Eyedress, Actress remix Kaleida, Boards of Canada remix Nevermen, Thom Yorke remix MF DOOM, Prefuse 73 remix Golden Rules feat. Freddie Gibbs & yasiin bey and Black Noi$e remix Shape of Broad Minds.

Respect to Commission Studio and FOMEC for the wicked 90s-rave-flyer-vibes artwork.

I Want To Be (Haai Remix) 0:00
I Want To Be (Haai Remix) 0:00
I Want To Be (Haai Remix) 0:00
I Want To Be (Haai Remix) 0:00
I Want To Be (Haai Remix) 0:00

I Want To Be (Haai Remix)

Let's Go feat. MF DOOM (Black Noi$e Remix)

Never Die feat. Freddie Gibbs & Yasiin Bey (Prefuse 73 Remix)


Treat Em Right (Boards Of Canada Remix)

Think (Actress Tone Two Remix)

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