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Boom Bip

Bryan Hollon aka Boom Bip was the first artist signed to Lex. His releases span the life of the label and his experimentation helps define the label.

His solo records on Lex:

Seed To Sun (2002) was the first album on the label; the companion album Corymb (2004) included his Peel Sessions and remixes by Boards of Canada and FourTet; Blue Eyed In The Red Room (2005) is a move into live instrumentation and includes his first collaboration with Gruff Rhys; Zig Zaj (2011) expands on the Blue Eyed sound; Music for Sleeping Children (2011) is a collaborative art/music project with artist Charlie White a series of electronic dance tracks juxtaposed with interviews of teenage girls; and Sun Choke (2016) deep ambient electronic score to the horror movie of the same name.

Bryan Hollon is half of pop duo Neon Neon, with Gruff Rhys. Their two albums each focus on the extraordinary life of an individual: Stainless Style (2008) explores the legacy of maverick American automobile executive John DeLorean, earning a Mercury Music Prize nomination. Praxis Makes Perfect (2013) is an ode to Italian industrialist, publisher and revolutionary Giangiacomo Feltrinelli - the songs from this album became a musical production presented by The National Theatre Wales.

In recent months, Bryan Hollon & Stella Mozgawa have been heard performing a live electronic set in Los Angeles under the moniker BEEF.

Boom Bip Sun Choke

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