The final part of a trilogy of records.

ExitingARM is the final part of a trilogy of records that started out with A New White (2004), working towards For Hero : For Fool (2006), with missing links filled in by Wishingbone and Yell & Ice.

"Their new album highlights what's always been catchiest about Subtle's music: it's full of short, fast bangers that you can enjoy out of the corner of your ear. But scratch the surface, and you find something far gnarlier - the most intricate realization yet of the vision of frontman Doseone, a.k.a. rapper, poet and visual artist Adam Drucker. Read the lyric sheet cold, and it's impenetrably abstract - yet the sound of the language is pleasing for its own sake, which puts him right on the shelf between Ulysses and Dr. Seuss..." 10/10 Pitchfork

"It's a brace of unhinged mastery and one that guides this record into the realms of essential listening if only to experience such frantic, vivid sounds being contorted as something cohesive, something miraculous." 8/10 Drowned In Sound

Double vinyl LP format includes XL size poster sleeve of extended album artwork by Doseone.
Subtle Exiting ARM 0:00
Subtle Exiting ARM 0:00
Subtle Exiting ARM 0:00
Subtle Exiting ARM 0:00
Subtle Exiting ARM 0:00
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