Domain Expansion

Trench Runner GILA comes back with new expansive heat.

Returning to Lex Records with twelve genre-defying cuts, GILA's ‘Domain Expansion’ LP seamlessly blends elements of club, ambient, and hip-hop-infused electronics. It kicks off with the hypnotic ambience of ‘Club Alone,’ setting the stage with subby pulses and ethereal vocal snippets. Transitioning to atmospheric, down-tempo cuts like ‘Koop Loop’ and ‘Tools Of Dawn,’ GILA showcases his versatility. Tracks like ‘Twocking Choral’ and ‘Electrified Tea Garden’ inject a dose of energy with heavy beats and playful sonics, while ‘Long Distance Crash’ envelops listeners in a warm, immersive soundscape.

‘Fruitful Angst’ and ‘Increased Dose’ further explore GILA's sonic palette, blending graceful breakbeats with distorted textures and zappy hip-hop effects. ‘Keygen In A Padded Room’ offers a moment of tranquility before the album delves into the dynamic realm of ‘Infinite 5AM YouTube’ and ‘Floormancer,’ pulsating with clubby syncopations and captivating synths. The journey concludes with the dreamy, introspective tones of ‘Permanent Peace Out,’ leaving listeners immersed in its bliss.

In this twelve-track genre-blending journey, GILA displays his craft with a kaleidoscope of soundscapes and rhythmic intricacies.

Vinyl orders shipping on or around the 9th August.

GILA Club Alone 0:00
GILA Club Alone 0:00
GILA Club Alone 0:00
GILA Club Alone 0:00
GILA Club Alone 0:00
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