liminal spaces

zzzahara's debut album, out now.

Liminal Spaces, the debut album from Los Angeles based, Mexican-filipino queer guitarist and songwriter zzzahara is out now. Order on vinyl, cassette & CD.

A collection of songs about queerness, love, lust, absurdism and feeling lost that trace their stylistic and emotional evolution from childhood through to the present day.

“Liminal Spaces reflects all the music styles in the indie rock era that have influenced me over the years, and I really focused on making it a cohesive album. I chose the name because L.A.started feeling small to me, especially in the dating world. I think a lot of the songwriting reflects the emo bits of me. I've dealt with depression for a while it felt nice to write about about instances of insecurity or heartbreak. The album was recorded in various places like my garage my bedroom a friend's bedroom and Stones Throw's recording studio. I had the opportunity to use music equipment that I normally would not be able to afford which gave the album a big boost. The quality of sound is very important to me. In a lot of ways, it felt like a new me was being born musically.”

“Liminal Spaces would have not been possible with out the help of several people—my friend Collin helped produce some songs and engineer sessions. The absolute genius Stephen Kaye mixed the album and recorded the bass for ‘g(url)’ and Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Blood Orange, Yves Tumor, Tame Impala, Paramore, mastered the album. Liminal Spaces sounds epic and is everything I hoped it would be!” zzzahara

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